Implementing a Strategy for Peace, Social Justice and a Sustainable Future

Good news from The Land of Enchantment, Home of the Atomic Bomb.

Someone recently asked what we could do to get the word out about the toxic waste contamination we are living with from Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) nuclear proliferation activities. I said that we needed national and international attention, a petition to change the mission of LANL to clean up and sustainable energy research, and world leaders to speak in support of this. If you think about it why should Iran stop what they are doing when we are not? Or is it that you don’t understand that corporate war profiteers (and they have many types of weapons other than bombs, be it from genetically engineered seeds, to earth, water and air contamination, lack of medical services, denial of food and housing, or economic black balling to name a few) see their peace as being achieved through death.

Two weeks later I walk into our local Peace House to tell Keith of Food Not Bombs that I had set up a local bread donation delivery schedule, and there Keith was, being filmed by Thom from our local Channel 2 TV station. In minutes I was in front of the camera interviewing Keith about the 2009 World Peace Conference to be held here in Taos New Mexico, May 26 through 31, 2009.

In true Keith McHenry form, the vision is global. Keith McHenry, co-founder of Food Not Bombs, is once again stepping up for Peace. He has recently started to coordinate The World Peace Conference 2009. As all peace activists know, the tree of peace has many branches, from spiritual development and participation to sustainable living practices, conscientious objection, restorative justice, feeding the hungry, writing letters to our representatives, building green houses and creating food coops, standing with the grandmas on the front lines to stop uranium mining, stopping shopping, to keeping our Constitutional Rights, etc…

No matter what your age, no matter how much or little you want to do, there is a place and way for you to participate. Among the first to confirm participation are a number of bands and speakers such as Civil Rights lawyer Lynne Stewart, Iraqi Peace Activist Dalia S. Wasfi, former Pentagon Planner John Fair, and be assured that Taos Pueblo and a plethora of local artists, and activists will enrich you with our local culture of Peace. McHenry intends to have global access for this Peace Conference and is in the process of acquiring computers for satellite feeds around the world. There is much to do, to make our voices for Peace, unmistakably heard. Please go to to find out how you can participate as a presenter, volunteer, donate, and link up. You can also read more about Food Not Bombs and the Taos Peace House by going to:
Better yet, if you are local stop by the Taos Peace House just north of Cid’s on Paseo del Pueblo Norte.

I’m really glad I am getting what I asked for: local, national and international attention for Peace.
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